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[VIDEO] 3 Fun & Simple DIY Projects For St. Patrick’s Day Festivities!


Steps 8-14 Of The Glitter Shamrock Canvas

This is a continuation of the picture tutorial of the Glitter Shamrock Canvas. We hope you are enjoying your project thus far and having lots of fun!

Step 8:  Turn the canvas over and hot glue the side of the frame and the top side of the frame, then fold the fabric over it and smooth into place.


Step 9:  Hot glue each side and top of the frame, pulling the fabric taut over the edges of the frame like in Step 8.


Step 10:  Hot glue the corners by folding the fabric in inside towards the frame like when wrapping a gift box and tuck it all in and over pulling the fabric taut to cover the frame so no edges are showing.


Step 11:  Glue the white side of the cardboard shamrock and spread the glue around with your craft sponge until it is all smoothed out. Then taking your glitter, pour it on top of the shamrock until it is completely covered.


Step 12:  Once you’ve covered the entire shamrock, press the glitter into the glue (adding glitter where there is an empty space where you still see glue) and then lift it up over the [remaining] cardboard and shake off the excess glitter.


Step 13:  Turning the shamrock over (cardboard side up) hot glue the shamrock and then, taking your fabric-covered canvascenter the shamrock on the canvas.


Step 14:  Press the shamrock on to the canvas until it is secure and then hang it on the wall.


Here is what it looks like up on the wall.


You may decide to keep the shamrock as a permanent decoration if done in gold glitter! However, don’t miss the Simple-to-Make Shamrock Banner Tutorial we have for you on the next page. Click link below!




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