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Turn Clutter Into Charging Dock With This One Simple Trick


Crafting the Charging Dock

Now that you have the tools gathered, and you’ve chosen the book you want to use for your docking station, it’s time to get down and dirty with precision and craft-ability! There are several different ways you can do this, but we’re going to stick to one set of instructions.  Now back to Katherine who instructs us to use the charging end of the charger to measure the cut out.

I did this by measuring the length I needed and then drilling a hole on either end.

JOURNAL5image credit: the diytreatment

Then, use a razor blade to cut between the holes, creating a rectangle that your charger can fit through. This rectangle will need to be deep enough that your charger can sit flush with the top of the book.

JOURNAL6image credit: thediytreament

Once you’ve cut out the space for the charger, you will need to cut a tunnel out of the pages for the cord to lay in.

JOURNAL8image credit: thediytreament

The Finished Product

What’s really nice about this concept is having something to hold your cord in place. You may leave it attached to your outlet, but that merely means you have to fish for it every night to plug in your phone to charge. This way, it’s right there on top of your reading material ready to rock and roll.

JOURNAL4image credit: thediytreament

What a great ending to a wonderful day. Just snap that cell phone on there, turn out the light, and sweet dreams! We want to thank Katherine over at The DIY Treatment for her ingenuity and cleverness. We’re so glad we were able to share your awesome DIY work with our fans. To see more detailed images on how Katherine fishes the charging cord inside the book, be sure to check out her blog.

Featured Image Credit: little lovelies by Allison


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