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Turn Clutter Into Charging Dock With This One Simple Trick


Turn Nightstand Clutter Into Mobile Device Heaven

Sometimes we just take one look at our nightstands and think, “All that has to go!” Whatever “that” is, it’s cluttering the top of that beautiful piece of furniture underneath it all and, frankly, it looks like crap!

NightstandClutter1image credit: late-bloomer

So every once in awhile we get this surge of energy knowing we just can’t take one more minute of it, and we’re going to change things as quickly as possible. We start putting things up where they belong – the pill bottle in your medicine cabinet, the nail file in your bathroom drawer, the collection of pens, pencils and pieces of paper back on your desk, the nail clippers in your cosmetic case, the jewelry in your jewelry box, the book – well, now wait a minute! I read my book every night. That has to stay. Okay, so the lamp, the clock and the book stay.

Then you settle in for the evening, check in on Facebook on your mobile device being sure to let everyone know you’re tired and going to sleep now (okay, and checking everyone else’s status as well), listen to any voice messages you failed to hear during the day, text your best friend “Good Night,” and then ‘lo and behold, you need to charge your phone overnight. Now what? What did you do with the phone charger?

Never Lose The Phone Charger Again

Seriously, we all know how frustrating it feels to find that charger we have plugged into the wall. It’s fallen between the nightstand and the bed and now you have to fish it out somehow. Worse yet, it’s curled up on the nightstand giving it the earlier cluttered look we were trying to abolish. Something has to give, and we have just the answer. A book!

iphonecharger1image credit: thediytreament

Okay, so it doesn’t have to be the book you are currently reading, but the phone-charger-in-a-book book can always be placed on top of your current read to give your night stand a cleaner look. It’s a mobile device charging station! But, how did we do that?

How to Create Your Own Charging Dock

We relied on Katherine Fones (no pun intended) from Murfreesboro, TN, a wife, mother and DIY Blogger who enjoys projects around the house, to teach us how she made hers. Here is what Katherine had to say:

This project is a little more intense than most, but well worth it in the end. I will show you how to make your very own iPhone Charging Dock that will take the place of that ugly white cord lying across your nightstand.

What You’ll Need:
Hardback book
iPhone / iPod charger
Razor blade

I suggest picking up a neat old hard cover book from a garage sale or a book sale, maybe even a Half Price Books store to get started. You’ll want something that ties in with the color or decor of your bedroom so the style of book you choose is in the eye of the beholder. It could be anything from vintage to hobby-related. You might even use a blank Journal since you never planned to write it it anyway!

journal2image credit: rakuten

Whatever floats your boat or your style! You design how you want your nightstand to look, then we’ll tell you how to design the docking station. Keep in mind, you will need to cut a hole in the book for the charger to fit through so choose wisely.



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