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Repurpose Your Light Bulbs – Fun and Easy Ornament Ideas


Fascinating Christmas Ornaments Made From Lightbulbs

As I was throwing out a light bulb that had met its demise, I stopped! Wait! It was caught on and hanging by a string that I was also throwing out. Thoughts of a Christmas tree ornament flashed in my head. Look at some of these ornaments others who came before me creatively designed.

Snowman Ornaments

10 Insanely Easy Christmas Light Bulb Decorations And Ornaments

Begin by rubbing alcohol on the lightbulb, which will make the white acrylic paint stick to it better.  Once it dries, feel free to add another coat of paint.  Gather up an old sock, ribbon, yard, string, buttons, construction paper, and scraps of fabric to create your own idea of a snowman.  The ones pictured were inspired by GoodsHomeDesign.

Santa Ornament


  1. Using a permanent marker, create a scalloped line about a centimetre below the lightbulb’s silver screw cap. Add a round face shape directly below it with another scalloped line.

  2. Paint Santa’s face with a skin tone acrylic of your choice, paint the remainder of the lightbulb white, and paint the silver screw top red (a chunk of play dough can make for a useful stand during this process). Depending on the coverage of the paint, you may want to do 2 coats.


  3. Once dry, add eyes and a mouth to Santa’s face using the permanent marker, then mix a little red and white paint together to add rosy pink cheeks.

  4. Carefully outline Santa’s beard and hat with the marker and adhere 1/2 of the cotton ball to the tip of the hat with some craft glue.

  5. When the cheeks and outlines are completely dry, tie a piece of floss or fishing line firmly around Santa’s hat and add a length to serve as a hook.

Thanks to Jen Kossowan at Mama.Papa.Bubba for the inspiration.

Chain and Charm Ornament


  1. You will need a light bulb, ribbon, scissors, glue, chain, jump rings, snowflake charms, wire cutters, 2 flat nose/long nose pliers and glitter.

  2. Tie a chain around the bottom portion of the light bulb, just below the glass. Cut off the excess chain and secure shut with a jump ring.

  3. Hang the snowflake charms in between each chain or at the end of each chain.

  4. Apply glue to the top of the light bulb’s glass.

  5. Roll the portion of the bulb with glue onto the paper with glitters and wait for the glue to dry.

  6. Tie a piece of ribbon around the bottom of the bulb and tie it close.

Our inspiration for this cute chain & charm ornament came from Jeanne Mangulabnan at Guidecentral.

We also want to thank DIY&Crafts for leading us to some of these lightbulb concepts and for sharing her photos.



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