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Organize And Clean Up Under The Sink


Organizing Under the Sink Is A Must:

After getting a little tired of opening my cabinets under the sink and not being able to find anything at first glance, I decided it was time to systematize and organize the clutter. Upon seeing a few great, inexpensive ideas to resolve the problem, I quickly got to work. You don’t have to spend a lot of money, but rather use items you already have in your home to utilize the area and arrange things more effectively.



I used the tension rod to hang spray bottles. Beneath that on the right you can see an old Brita water jug that contains a feather duster, rubber gloves, old toothbrush and sponge scourer. Behind the jug is a plastic basket containing the vacuum cleaner attachments. You can also see the sink plug hanging on a nail on the right.


To the left I hung a wire basket from some nails. I’ve also hung some bottle brushes from nails. Below that is a plastic tub with a basket nesting on top containing sponges and scrubbing brushes:


Below the basket are things like a plastic funnel and at the back are bottles:


I just want to thank Jen from New Zealand over at A Thousand Words for supplying us with such great, innovative ideas to “clean up” under the sink!


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