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One Simple DIY Trick That Will Cure The Pain Behind Wearing Tight Shoes


A Simple Life Hack That Will Change Your Ability to Wear Your Formerly Tight Shoes

My friends and I were talking about our serious need to clean out our closets and get rid of the proverbial “if you haven’t worn it in a year” items. One subject that came up was how we have several pairs of shoes we just love because they “LOOK SO GOOD,” however, they hurt like the dickens when we actually wear them. To part with them is painful, but so is the alternative . . . wearing them.

shoes2image source: Dain Sandoval

In every woman’s closet you will find that there are two types of heels: the tried and true, reliable pair, and the gorgeous pair that are so painful to wear that they sit on your shoe rack collecting dust.

The second type of shoe, the “gorgeous and painful,” will drain your wallet and break your heart when you realize an hour into wearing them that your feet are slowly suffocating, and you can no longer feel your toes.

Wait until you see this great DIY trick to stretching those just-a-wee-too-tight shoes. When you’re finished learning this cool technique you’ll be able to keep your favorite shoes and actually wear them whenever you want and not be in pain. We can’t thank Caitlin E. Harrington from Little Things enough for sharing this easy tip!

Watch the video below and find out how a bag of water will help. Be sure to SHARE with your friends, like I’ll be sharing with mine!


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