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Let Your Loved Ones Know You Care Even When You Are Not There


Where was I when they were handing these out? Sometimes the baloney sandwich, apple and ring ding just didn’t cut it.  I knew my mom loved me, but the “apple a day” always threw me a little bit. Seriously?

Imagine opening up your lunch box every day and finding one of these!!  On the other hand, a hidden note amongst the folds of a pressed shirt in the overnight bag of traveling husband couldn’t hurt either.  They make you feel so special, even if it’s just for a moment.

50 Free Lunchbox Note Printables

Free Printables – notes, jokes and styles for all occasions, from slushy Valentines to math questions; clever food puns, literary quotes, healthy encouragements and even optical illusions!

I’m thinking you’d never have to let your loved ones forget just how much you love and care about them when equipped with pre-written notes for any occasion. Sounds like a time saver, and in the days of bullying being on high alert, I think all mothers could use the help.

See if you can find any suitable notes you might sneak to your husband as well. I found a few that would work just great for encouragement, appreciation, or just plain “love notes,” but these are especially awesome for your kid’s lunch boxes. What do you think?






Health Encouragement Cards[7]





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