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Last Minute DIY Gift Baskets That Will Wow Your Loved Ones



Coffee, Tea, or Me? Well, with this great crate filed with coffee, mugs, and other coffee fixings, it might just be YOU sharing the goodies within. In the event your recipient is a tea drinker, there is a gift basket for that as well.

Coffee Gift Basket

This holiday basket is overflowing with items for the coffee lovers in your life.


Maybe you’ll be spending Christmas with someone who prefers a little holiday cheer. Perhaps you’d like to set the tone with this romantic treasure. It is really a wonderful gift that implies relaxing and getting cozy, feet up, and sipping wine in front of the fire. Great way to wind down the hustle and bustle of the season.

Wine Gift Basket

This gift is brimming with an assortment of wine accessories and of course, a favorite bottle of wine.

The ideas do not stop there. Head over to the DIY Network to see the other wonderful gift basket suggestions they have provided their fans. If nothing else, it will give you “food” for thought on any given holiday when you can’t find just the right gift. Food and beverage items are always welcome, but the time and effort you expend will be the true showing of love and friendship.

We suggest you head over to Rennai’s website, too, and check out her fabulous gallery, portfolio & blog as well as inquire about her work. She gives fabulous advice on photo resources, too, which is really helpful, especially if you’ll be taking pictures on Christmas. She has a great story

Featured Image Credit: Tim Wilson


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