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Kitchen Cache Comfort


What do you do when your kitchen drawers and cabinets start to look like booby traps? Stick one hand in, and you run the risk of getting pinched, cut, stung, or bruised.

It’s time to pitch, consolidate, and simply re-organize. But how do you organize on a small, limited budget? Use what you have or can easily install!

Check out these innovative ideas for quick kitchen pick-me-ups. Let us in on some of your quick fixes, too.

Kitchen Storage Ideas

Tension Rods Under The Sink

Egg Crate & Cupcake Holder Drawer Organizers

Magazine Racks

Dinner Plate Cradle

Empty Cans

Peg Board

Over the Door Storage

Maximized Spice Storage

Toolbox Kitchen Caddy

Measuring Cup Organization

Swing Down Cookbook Rack



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