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Kit Cabins – Not For Cats!


The ultimate adult playhouse, man cave, artist’s studio, gym is a DIY project away from being in your own backyard. Did you ever dream of just getting out of the house for awhile, but had no place to really go?

This is your answer to your home away from home, your hobby shop, your workout area. It’s merely steps away from your “back” door! If you don’t have the skill set or budget to call in a construction crew, try one of these “rooms in a box” kits.

They are adorable and affordable. 1 kit x 2 adults x 2 days = new home! Enjoyable year round. For what awesome reason would you use yours?

Affordable Kit Cabins

Escape Cabin Kit is made of high quality timber and can be enjoyed year-round. This lovely elegant cabin can accommodate any pursuit that your imagination will allow: a gym, a pool house, a home office, a guest house, an artist’s studio, a hunting or fishing cabin, a man cave or just a place to get away without leaving home.

These attractive cabins are one of the most environmentally friendly log structures available on the market. Committed to protecting the environment and sustainable forest, at least five trees are replanted for every tree that is harvested.

These cabin kits will surely compliment your garden!


  • Durable, dense grain and slow grown Nordic Spruce
  • Covered Terrace (Optional)
  • Floor and roof construction materials included
  • Pre hung and glazed door and window
  • Pre assembled gables
  • All nails, screws, fixings, handles and door lock.
  • Easy to follow instructions
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