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Games Children Play – On The Outside


Space invasion is about to occur when you least expect it.

You sit down to your piping hot cup of coffee, turn on your iPad, and start catching up on the latest news. All of a sudden, you’re startled by a loud bang, a crash, a scream, and then you remember . . .

“Schools out for the summer!” It’s time to get creative and get the “curtain climbers” outside where the noise is less deafening.

Here are some great ideas to entertain your children this summer – on the outside, not the inside!  How will you keep things fun for your kids this summer?


Just cut out the letters together and prepare for some major scrambling.

Bananagrams is great, but GIANT BANANAGRAMS is best.
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2. Take Twister outside.

Take Twister outside.
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Supplies needed to make Outdoor Twister:

  • A pizza box-or other piece of cardboard.
  • Craft Knife
  • Large Mixing bowl-or something else that is round
  • Pen (I know, this is probably assumed-just trying to be thorough)
  • Red, blue, yellow and white spray paint
  • 1 piece of paper
  • scissors
  • container of some sort to hold the slips of paper.


  • First thing you need to do-trace a circle (mixing bowl) on a lid of a pizza box or some other piece of cardboard.
  • Use your handy dandy craft knife/box cutter to cut it out.
  • Throw the circle away-now you are left with your circle stencil.
  • Now you are ready to paint.

3. Bring Scrabble to the pool.

Put letters on sponges with permanent waterproof marker, then throw the sponges in the swimming pool for kids to scramble to grab letters and make words out of them.

And bring Scrabble to the pool.Image credit:

See who can make the longest word with their letters! The sponges will float!

4. Turn a two-liter bottle into a DIY sprinkler.

Turn a two-liter bottle into a DIY sprinkler.Image credit:

Here is all you need:

  • A Hose
  • Duct Tape
  • Empty 2 liter bottle

Use a small screw driver or something to poke holes in the plastic bottle.  Tape the bottle to the hose and have at it!

5. For a more harrowing game, stage a toy rescue mission.

Free the aliens from the ice blocks.

For a more harrowing game, stage a toy rescue mission.
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  • Take a small plastic tub and fill it with water.
  • Place the alien face-down in water.
  • Put it in the freezer overnight.
  • Turn it out before game time.
  • Use water guns to free the aliens.



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