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Find Your Coat And Keys With This One Simple Solution


How To Make A Pallet Coat Rack

Of course, the first thing you will need is a pallet. You can pretty much find them in any construction yard or even places like Sam’s Club and Costco, and maybe you can just ask to grab one. Next gather all your materials as listed below and whatever tools you might need (hammer, screwdriver, tape measure, drill) to complete the project.


  • pallet
  • old rusty nails
  • screws
  • blank varnish
  • steel, for the brackets.
  • hooks

PalletCoatRack4image credit: Instructables

About the Pallet coat rack:

  • The wooden back plate is made with small screws from the back so they won’t be visible.
  • Big rusty nails were added, after drilling a hole to prevent splitting of the wood, and bend in the back. These are only for the looks.
  • All the wood is varnished.
  • The heads of the nails are varnished as well to prevent the rust from destroying clothing

Adding the Shelves

  • Shelves were added. The blocks are screwed from the back. The wood in front and on the bottom is only nailed. The holes for these nails were also pre-drilled to prevent splitting. The blocks however are only drilled with a very small size drill to make sure the nails do their job.

PalletCoatRack5image credit: Instructables

This is a fabulous solution to your morning brain fart. If you just walk in and hang everything here (keys and coat), you’ll be able to find it the next day. Women can even hang their purse on a hook or even a bag of stuff you need to take with you the next day. The little cubby shelves would be great for files or papers you need to remember to take with you the next day. Slip them in there the night before and everything will be there waiting for you in the morning when you take off out the door. Sometimes you might even need to take mail out with you in the morning to put in the mailbox. This would be the perfect place for the mail to sit overnight until you leave the next morning. Finding this fabulous, how about you?

We want to thank RuudvandeLooij for sharing his incredible rustic coat rack solution with us. You can view his project on Instructables if you need more visuals. Fantastic!


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