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Find Your Coat And Keys With This One Simple Solution


Let’s Call It A Rack!

How many times have you come in from a long day’s work, thrown your keys down somewhere, hung your coat over a chair, and off you went to relax?

CoatAndKeysImage Credit: L-Mr.TinDC and R-Jamie Henderson

The next morning you’re leaving for work and suddenly you don’t remember where you left your coat, your keys . . . let’s face it . . . your head. This turns into the mad dash (and I mean mad) around the house from one end to the other retracing your steps looking for the previous evenings dumping station. Typically, too, the keys and the coat are never in the same place for some reason, so one lap around the house becomes two and you rampage your home. You get the drill – no pun intended.

Rampageimage credit: Freaktography

Have you ever had a stack of papers or a file or a bag of something you needed to take with you the next morning? You left it out so you would remember it, but you walk out the door like you do every other day and hit your noggin with your fist as your driving down the highway because you forgot the very thing you set out not to forget.

BagsAndFilesimage credit: L-Kate Hiscock and R-Alisa Cooper

You show up to work late. You’re already angry because things didn’t go well this morning. Once and for all you vow to get organized. Let us help you.

PalletCoatRack2image credit: Instructables

RuudvandeLooij, a mechanical engineer in the Eindhoven region of the Netherland, likes to make random both useful and useless “stuff.” I would consider this DIY project of his most useful.



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