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Easy to Create Brass Tack Baubles – Fast & Fun DIY

Brass Ball

Create Some Festive Gold & White Balls to Glam Up Your New Year’s Eve Centerpiece

This is a fun little DIY project to create using brass tacks and string! It’s easy and it turns into some decorative ornaments with which you can adorn a centerpiece. Since the tacks are gold in color, they would be an awesome addition to your New Year’s Eve decorations. Putting some pussy willows in a vase and hanging the gold & white balls from the branches can make a darling centerpiece for this seasonal celebration.

Brass Tack Balls

Brass Tack Balls


Preferred Size Styrofoam Balls
Multi-Colored String
String for Hanging
Paper Clip (1 for each ball)
Brass Tacks
Super Glue

Yellow & White Ball

Yellow & White Ball

Yellow & White Ball

1. Starting from the bottom of the Styrofoam Ball, apply Super Glue to attach end of string to the ball then begin winding the string around the ball, gluing as you go.

2. Before you reach the top, unfold the paper clip and bend it in the middle to make a U-shape. Take a piece of string the length you prefer for hanging and tie a knot with the two loose ends.  Hang the paper clip over the string so that the ends of the paper clip are hanging down. Now press the ends of the paper clip into the top of the ball as far down as you can take it until it is securely tight inside the ball.

3. Continue winding the string up over the inserted paper clip until you reach the top. Press Brass Tacks into the ball wherever desired.

Gold Ball

Gold Ball

Brass Tack Ball

1.  Starting from the bottom of the Styrofoam Ball, press the Brass Tacks into the ball going around the ball as evenly as possible. Overlap as you go to avoid any gaps.

2.  See Step 2 Above.

3.  Continue pressing in Brass Tacks until you reach the top of the ball.

Put some pussy willows in a vase as featured, hang the balls from the willows, and place it on your dining table for a centerpiece.

We want to thank Claire, an Australian girl living in Singapore, over at Fellow Fellow for sharing such a fun and easy DIY project. She was our inspiration behind this project.

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