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Create Your Own Holiday or Themed Ornaments – Such Fun!


Create Your Own Holiday Ornaments – Simple and Fun!

This is just so exciting! Here are some absolutely fabulous ideas to create your own holiday ornaments. Even better than that, with these strategies, you can add interiors of your choice to create specific ornaments to coincide with decoration ideas for themed events any time of year! This is also something you can do with your children for some family fun. Be sure to share with us your creations for new ideas.


You can fill glass ball ornaments with yarn, twine, feathers, fake snow, pine needles and random craft supplies. You can also fill them with paint! It’s so easy to do. All you need is a clear ornament and your favorite acrylic paint.


Squirt about a teaspoon of paint directly into the ornament.  Slowly swirl it around until it coats the inside.


Use a plastic bottle or paper cup to store the ornament upside down. Leave it there overnight so that all the excess paint runs out.   Add the metal cap and voila!


I also tried filling with Martha Stewart’s flocking powder. It leaves a nice, cotton candy-like texture.


Using varnish to coat another ornament, I poured some candy sprinkles inside!

Our thanks to Tsuki at Little Gray Fox for the awesome tutorial!


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