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Baby Shampoo Does The Unshrinking


A long time ago, I figured out that if I washed something and want to avoid “shrinkage”, I had to removed the item from the dryer, quickly hang it up and then stretch the item from the bottom and let it air dry. But, what if you’ve already placed it in the dryer and then find out it has shrunk?

I found the “secret” ingredient! Baby shampoo!

A couple of weeks ago I was inexplicably drawn to a pair of royal blue pants (or as I like to call them…”comfy pants”).  Those pants were calling my name. I just loved the color and they were made out of the SOFTEST tshirt-like material! So I gave in to the temptation, which was just too great to bear, and purchased the pants.

Here’s the SAD part of the story….I only got to wear them ONCE before they were ruined by the evil clothes dryer!

When I went to take the clothes out of the dryer and saw the blue pants…I wanted to cry. Sure enough, they had shrunk in length a good four inches at least! *sob*

Well, I dried my bitter tears and decided to chalk it up to experience and put the pair of “floods” into a bag with a bunch of other outgrown t-shirt items that I like to save for future projects. I tried to move on with my life.

I was ALMOST over the whole horrible experience when I got an email from someone asking if I knew how they could UNSHRINK some article of clothing that had shrunk in the dryer.

So I commenced my research into this magic reversal process and was amazed to discover just how EASY it was to “UNSHRINK” clothing!

What it it DID involve was a sink full of lukewarm water, a capful of baby shampoo and two large beach towels. That’s it!

Here’s the HOW-TO:

Fill a sink with lukewarm water and add a capful of baby shampoo into the water.

Let the item soak in the baby shampoo water and gently work it through. This will relax the fibers in the clothing.

Remove the garment from the shampoo water and gently squeeze it out. Do NOT rinse it.

Take a large towel and lay the clothing flat on it.

Roll the towel up with the clothing inside it.

Your goal is to absorb the extra moisture, so your clothing is damp but not wet.

Then, get another dry towel and put the piece of clothing out on the dry towel.

Gently stretch the clothing item as it lays out to dry.

Continue to do this until the clothing item returns to its original size. Allow the item to air dry on the towel.

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When I pulled them on and they were back to the exact same length they were when I bought them…I was beyond thrilled!!! (See picture at top.)

My “comfy pants” were back!



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