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Baby Footprints Become Beautiful Butterflies Parents Are Proud To Frame


Beautiful Baby Footprints Blossom Into Butterfly Art!

This is so easy and fun, you’re going to want to share this creative idea. Baby footprints are so cute, but in the shape of a butterfly? Even better! Especially so because you can frame the prints and claim them as precious family art. It all begins with a non-toxic (safe for baby skin) rainbow stamp pad, card stock and a few markers.


I’m always looking for fun cute things to do with the girls (even though they’re babies!). I love footprint crafts because it’s a great way to make artwork that’s sentimental yet still involves the little one!

I just pressed the stamp pad on their little tootsies! After getting them all inked up, I held their ankle still for a few seconds to wait for them to stop wiggling before I pressed that chubby foot onto the card stock!

I used a couple markers to draw in the body of the butterfly, antennas, and the girls’ names!

Get a couple of inexpensive frames and lock the butterflies into place. Either hang the new art on the wall or set on a shelf or table.

BabyFootprints9image credits: sawdustandembryos

This particular project was created by Beth over at Sawdust and Embryos, a blogger from rural Iowa, who loves inspiring others to tackle their own DIY projects. More than anything else, she and her husband Nick love their twins Paisley and Adelyn (and new addition Cypress) who inspired the butterfly art.

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What kind of creative footprints have you made? Please provide us with other crafty and enjoyable baby footprint ideas!


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