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And They’re Off . . . With A Slippery Start


As I sit under the awning on my backyard porch drinking my strawberry lemonade, I close my eyes and dream of sailing the oceans blue. I am awakened by the shrill sounds of children cheering. Suddenly I remember what fun we had with a mere bar of soap and a toothpick.

How I dozed off to sleep is a mystery, but no one could be happier. Not only am I resting comfortably in my rocker, cool beverage in hand, but my kids are totally fascinated by the rush of water sailing their soap bars down the slope of a gutter. Genious!

Race soap boats on hot days.

Soap boat races

I saw the rain gutters sitting there for FIVE bucks. I remembered an activity we did back in Jr. High. We carved soaps into boats { a soap boat } and raced them at a little pond by our house. Taking my kids to the pond to race may not have been the safest idea, but with the rain gutter we were able to re-create this fun idea in our back yard. This project was so easy to put together and was SO much fun for the kids.

Supplies needed:

  • Rain gutter (found at Lowes in the lumber section)
  • Bar of soap (found at Dollar store)
  • Toothpick
  • Fabric and scissors
  • Glue gun


All you do is cut a triangle out of fabric and glue it to the top of your toothpick. Then stick the toothpick into your soap bar and it’s ready to race. If your kids are older you can carve the boats and make them more unique.


Stick a hose on one end of the gutter and let the race begin!


Ready, set, go!


The kids absolutely LOVED racing their soap boats! We spent all morning outside as the kids ran back and forth to each end.

We had such a great time together. The best part was that it cost less than 10 bucks. This really is such an easy and fun activity to do as a family.



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