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Amazing DIY “Sorta” Bin To Settle Your Last Nerve


Build Your Own Box

In my opinion, you could make any variation of this concept and use it to sort any number of items in your household. For our scrapbookers, it might be a good place to sort your embellishments like buttons, adhesive photo corners, brads, tags, etc. For our sewers, it could be used for your straight pins, safety pins, needles, buttons, snaps, etc.

BoltSorter2image credit: craftster

It’s basically a wooden box with openings on top where you drop things in, drawers opening off the side that they fall into.

In building your box, you will need pine boards and 4mm plywood or you can use foamcore or corrugated cardboard.

If you were making it out of cardboard, you’d probably want to make them rest on narrow strips glued to each side. Just make sure they’re parallel and the two sides line up exactly.

BoltSorter1image credit: craftster

Items dropped into each of the six openings fall into separate drawers . . . with the front removed you can see the trick is just that each drawer just goes a little further back than the one above it.

As you can see, if you were to drop a screw in the first hole on the left, it would fall into the back of the drawer at the bottom. If you were to drop a nail in the third hole from the left in would fall into the bottom of the 3rd drawer from the bottom, and so on.

See Page 3 For Completed Project:


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