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Amazing DIY “Sorta” Bin To Settle Your Last Nerve


It’s A-maze-ing!

Yes, it looks like a “maze,” but it’s not, a sorta bin, but it’s not. It is a-maze-ing though and you’ll be excited to see what it does.

You  know you need to do it, but just the thought of it makes you cringe and head for the hills. Yes, it’s a necessity, but who on earth would want to sit around sorting the smallest minute pieces of interestingly crafted pieces of steel in all sorts of shapes and sizes? Oh, no, not you, but it sure would be nice to walk into your tool shed and have all your nuts, bolts, screws, washers, etc. sorted the way you find them at the hardware store.

You know you’ve done it a million times. Somewhere, out of nowhere random screws, nuts and bolts pop up in your home or you have the leftovers from a pre-fab product that went some place in the project, but somehow never made it to the finals. What do you do with those things?

You throw them in a drawer, in a jar, in a bowl, and then when you need one, you search your typical drop spots, dump the contents out, and then muddle through the mess in hopes of finding what you need. Just the other day I was looking for a washer to place in my outdoor hose when I attached it to the faucet to keep from watering the deck instead of flower beds, and I spent more time looking for the washer in my favorites drop spots than it would have taken me to run to the store and purchase one.

These small items are important because they’re useful, and it would be a crafter’s dream to be able to find what you need when you need it. Lucky for us, a fellow DIYer built his own “keep it and find it” system that we thought was fabulous.

See Page 2 For Assembly Concept:


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