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[Video] 25 Fun & Easy Projects That Will Leave You Amazed


Creative Ideas You’d Never Think Up On Your Own

Sometimes we just feel like getting our creative juices flowing over the weekend when we’re looking for something fun and flavorful to do. We want to create, we just don’t know where to start or exactly what we can do that would be satisfying and useful. We found a great video that will make your mind race. It may even be difficult to choose which project to work on first.

Have you cleaned out your closet lately and have an old sweater you planned to donate.  You can repurpose it into a dog or cat bed.  No kidding!

How about those empty pickle or pasta sauce jars? You can recycle them into something you’ll find useful during your summer barbecues.

One of my favorites is a way to identify your keys with a fix that is so simple I can’t believe I never thought of it myself!

Are you at the tail end of a lotion container? Rather than tossing it in the recycle bin, wait until you see what a little cutting and painting can create.

If the natural resources of rocks and stones sooth your soul, see the way you can incorporate them into your daily life to bring you a refreshing sense of peace and happiness.

There is even a way to bring an old shutter to life that is really cool, too.

Why wait for Easter to color some eggs. See the clever way to use tiny leaves to bring a new flare to egg-coloring.

Have a pile of toilet paper rolls collecting in your bathroom trash? Wait until you see the decoration that can be created from repurposing those.

Not using those clothespins anymore? There is a way to repurpose those as well, and it’s cute to boot.

If you’re looking for some fun and easy projects to occupy your weekend, you’re really going to love these!


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