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3 Factors to Choosing The Right Paint Brush For Your Next DIY Project


Choosing The Right Paint Brush Is As Important As Choosing The Right Paint

Have you ever started a paint project and been frustrated by the size of your brush or the thickness of your brush making your job look sloppy? You think, “I need a smaller brush,” or “I need a thinner brush.” You know the feeling. What if you could know the correct brush to choose before you even begin to paint. Check out these tips below:

Good paint brushes, when properly cared for, can be used over and over again. First of all, skip the cheap brushes if you want to get multiple uses and high quality results. A good brush will hold more paint and apply it evenly.

PaintBrush1image credit: Workshop Lifehacker

Next, the biggest factor in determining the right paint brush for your job is how you plan to use it. There’s always a tradeoff between precision and coverage and it’s better to invest in multiple brushes to do the job they were designed for.

There are also different bristle types that you should take care in choosing. Different bristles should be used for different kinds of paint.

Different brush widths will also need to be considered when choosing your brush. You’re going to have one brush that you’ll use for detailed jobs, another for doors and cabinets and still another for larger jobs involving a wide area.

Last but not least, there are different styles of brushes you’ll need to consider depending upon the type of job you’re doing.  There are thick flat brushes for large surfaces, but then you have another style that is used for large “flat” surfaces. You have brushes that are cut at an angle that you’ll used to paint trim, for instance, and a thinner brush you’ll use for more “delicate work.”

As long as you keep your brushes clean, they can be used over and over again. To read the full article and learn more specifically about your brush selections, please visit workshop lifehacker.

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