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[2 VIDEOS] DIY For Men – How To Create Sexy Eyes That Will Attract A Woman


“I Don’t Feel Pretty Anymore” – Video 2

I must warn you, the men in this video struggle so hard to create their “sexy eyes” that their strong language has to be bleeped, so please view with caution. Consider yourself warned, but if you really want a good laugh, I wouldn’t miss it!


Here are just some of the concerns the men in this video have while applying eyeliner during their DIY tutorial session:

“Ah, it just got in my eye a little bit!”

“I have a phobia of being stabbed in the eye!”

“Do I close the eye or do I open it?”

“My hands are shaking!”

“This is ‘bleep’ terrifying, man!”

“Why am I in so much trouble with this?”

That’s only the beginning of the frustration. You’re in store for the greatest laugh of your life! OMG, this is so funny!

Men, if you aren’t into the DIY for sexy eyes, be sure to watch it at least for the laughs and a hilarious share with your bros. Women, this is a must share with all your girlfriends to experience extreme belly laughs and your guy friends who simply cannot understand you!


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