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13 Holiday Gifts Sure To Excite Any DIYer


Tools For Extra Measure

Lord knows we can’t get through a DIY project without measuring something whether it’s length, width, depth, heighth, area, volume, etc. How are you measuring these days, digitally or the old-fashioned way? We have the answers for both.

Zircon StudSensor HD 55 Stud Finder

There is never a DIYer who doesn’t need to detect wood and metal studs in order to help anchor those shelves, mirrors, and cabinets to the wall. Just regularly pounding on the wall isn’t exactly an accurate gauge, so why not rely on the help of this tool? Not only does it detect the edges of wood and metal studs, but it also detects live AC electrical up to 2″ deep. A new target spotlight illuminates on the screen when the tool indicates an approaching stud edge. This tool is phenomenal and a MUST in any DIYer’s tool chest, and it’s only $19.88!

Zircon Stud Finder

Bosch 100′ Laser Measure

This is the coolest tool ever. It’s like having a 100 foot tape measure in the palm of your hand because it is equipped with a point laser that measures length, distance, area, and volume instantly within 1/16 of an inch accuracy. Square footage folks! That means you don’t need 2 measurements to get the third for the area. It contains a backlight to assist you in dark areas, and it fits easily into your pocket for easy access. It has a digital display and measures up to 100 feet. All that for just$69.97. You know what I say? AWESOME!

Laser Measure

25 Foot Tape Measures (2-Pack)

Some of us are still a little old school and don’t necessarily trust the automatic digital technology that is out there. Besides that, it’s always nice to have great tape measures tucked away in several rooms whenever we need to measure something quickly. This set can help you accomplish that, plus you’re getting two tape measures for the price of one! Win-win! What I like about this in particular is that they are anti-rust with a heat-treated spring. The numbers and markings are big for easy readability, and they come equipped with a handy belt clip keeping it within reach while you work. It also has a blade lock and a hook that grabs surfaces for easy measuring. $14.97

2-Pack Measuring Tape

What fabulous gifts for any DIYer. Easy to pick up and you can be assured that they will be a welcome addition to any toolbox. We want to thank Skip Bedell and Fox & Friends for giving us these great hints, especially if we are last minute shoppers for gifts. As a matter of fact, a gift basket with a few of these wouldn’t be a bad idea either! If anyone uses any of the dream items, we’d love to hear what you think about them.

Image Credits: Home Depot

Featured Image Credit: Dorli Photography


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