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13 Holiday Gifts Sure To Excite Any DIYer


Tools For Every DIYer

These are the tools every DIYer dreams to have, and they should all be on the wish list These are fun and fabulous tools, all geared towards making our projects easier to accomplish and faster to finish. Check ’em out!

Ryobi Digital Inspection Scope

This is such a cool tool from Ryobi. This is an inspection camera with a 9 mm head and ultra bright LED light. This telescopes out 3 feet and can be submersed in water for up to 30 minutes, so it’s great for inspecting plumbing problems. It has a high-resolution full color 180° rotating screen so your culprit is easy to get to and your images appear crisp and clear. This is for all the hard-to-reach places you want to look inside such as clogged pipes or up inside the attic. It is powered by a 4V lithium-Ion battery providing up to 5 hours of continuous use. It sells for $99.

Ryobi Inspection Camera

Or you can get the smart phone version where you can screen-shot the problem, say a leaky pipe, and send it off to your plumber or other service technician. It sells for $89.97.

Smart Phone Inspection Camera

Material Estimator Calculator

When you aren’t really quite sure how much material your going to need or how much it’s going to cost you, this is the tool for you. The Material Estimator Calculator is ideal for contractors in making their estimates, but also the DIYer who wants to get his or her measurements quickly and more easily whether it be tile, carpet, wood, or what-have-you. It is solar powered and provides linear, area and volume measurements allowing you to work in feet, inches, yards, fractions and even the metric system! You just plug your job into the estimator, and it will tell you how much material you need and how much it will cost. This is a great value at $25.

Material Estimator

DeWalt Rapid Heat Ceramic Glue Gun, Sticks & Clamps

As DIYers, we all know how frustrating it can be to wait for that glue gun to heat up. Well, this glue gun heats up to 50% faster than standard glue guns, and it stays hotter longer as well. It has a sturdy fold-out stand for it’s resting mode, and its handle base helps to provide balance when not in your hand. The clamps provide 200 lbs. of clamping force and can be operated with one hand. As much as we glue things together when building our projects, a glue gun that heats faster and has accompanying grips to hold pieces together while we work on other things, this is another win in my book! It was $24.88, but is now selling for $16.98. Yahoo!

Glue Gun and Clamps

See Measuring and Placement on Page 4.


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