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13 Holiday Gifts Sure To Excite Any DIYer


Must-Have Tools For Every Tool Box

These are every DIYer’s staples in their tool boxes, but somehow we can never have enough. Sometimes it’s nice to place these items in different areas of your house for quick fixes and such. My thought is, the faster I can get my hands on these babies, the better!

Husky 4-Piece Pliers & Wrench Set or Screwdriver Set

The 4-Piece Pliers & Wrench Set includes a 7″ curved jaw hands-free locking pliers, an 8″ double-speed adjustable wrench, which opens two times faster then your standard adjustable wrench, an 8″ slip joint one-handed use pliers, and an 8″ tongue & groove pliers for easily gripping irregularly shaped objects.

Husky Pliers Set

The Screwdriver Set includes 5 regular, 5 Phillips, a 4-way keychain screwdriver, two offset screwdrivers, and a bottle opener. The sets sell for $14.88 each.

Co-Anchor Steve Doosey said, “You know, people sometimes say, ‘Why do you need more than one regular screwdriver?'” Both Steve and Skip agreed, “You can never have too many screwdrivers.” Co-Anchor Elisabeth Hasselbeck felt the same way, and Co-Anchor Clayton Morris was just thrilled to learn that there is a bottle opener in the set as well.
Husky Screwdriver Set

Husky 20-Piece Combination Ratcheting Wrench Set

This is an amazing set of slim design 2-in-1 wrenches. You have the open-ended wrenches on one side and built in ratchet socket on the other. They will fit into areas where most standard wrenches won’t fit. The ratcheting box-end needs as little as 5″ to move so it’s great for working in tight areas. The amazing part? This normally costs $100, but is now marked down to $49.88!

Wrench and Rachet Set

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